Paine's Promise

Paine's Promise, an Atlanta progressive rock band from 2000 to 2006.  Named for Thomas Paine, the American Revolutionary author, the band's sound is fronted by Veronica Hughes, backed by drummer husband Daniel Hughes, and bassists George Lane (2000-2002) and Dave Siff (2002-2006).  Their original music has been described as Heart meets Rush meets Ayn Rand;  classic progressive rock with odd time signatures, longer instrumental passages with a bit of tough love thrown in.  Paine's Promise is reviewed favorably by Progression magazine, live music critics, and independent radio. 
The 10 song cd, Mobius, boasts odd time signatures, rich guitars and vocals mixes, and two ambitious instrumental tracks.  Email for purchase.

Tracks:   Real Life 5:05
              Consequences 5:49
              99 Failures 6:56
              A is A 4:52
              Shark 5:30
              Grip 5:33
              Together Alone 5:11
              Drive 5:44
              Island of Peace 6:48
              Awake at the Wheel 6:41

Produced in Atlanta, GA at Red Tuxedo.

Buy the cd! $10 + free shipping!  (USA only)

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